Gun Cleaning Sprays – A Fine Solution for Maintenance of your Arms

Every gun owner must know the severity of cleaning a gun because if the gun is not properly cleaned on regular basis it can start malfunctioning and if you have a gun for self-defense that’s the last thing you would want in case of any emergency. If one doesn’t clean their gun properly, it can result in reduced accuracy, increase in misfired shots, decrease in life span of a gun and decrease the overall potential and performance of the firearm. My friend told me no matter what warranty a gun may have, if it is not maintained properly it will not last long, therefore, frequent proper lubrication and maintenance can make the gun last even till your lifetime. If you are a busy guy like me, you may find it difficult to take out time to lubricate your gun as it takes 40-45 minutes at least for lubrication, after struggling to find a solution for this a great friend gifted me HOPPE’S GM2 Gun Medic which is a gun spray that made things a lot easier for me. Gun sprays are basically a quick and effective way to clean your gun as you just spray it on to the different components of the gun, it takes about 2-3 minutes and it does an effective job to clean the gun as I use it and my gun never malfunctions or show signs of dirt buildup. I was fortunate enough to be gifted with a great gun cleaning spray. Many people get really confused when it comes to purchasing a gun spray as the market is filled with many different types, therefore, today I will be sharing top 2 gun sprays to make the decision easier for you.

  • HOPPE’S GM2 Gun Medic

As I mentioned before this was a pleasant gift by a very good friend which is the best thing I have for cleaning my gun as it saved me from the guilt of not cleaning my gun. It does great job in many ways like it dissolves carbon, copper, lead residues, and evaporates them later effectively, and similarly it removes dirt and other containment effectively. A great quality of this gun spray is the fact that it is made up of bio-based ingredients which causes zero harm to your health and the environment which makes this a safe gun spray.  It does a great job of preventing rust and corrosion as I leaves a film layer on the surface of your fire arm

Read the detailed review of HOPPE’S GM2 Gun from the given link:

  • Ballistol 120076 Multi-Purpose

This cleans and tidies up the gun very effectively, it is such a great cleaner that it is usually used on the very dirty guns and this spray turns them into fresh clean ones. It leaves a coat of layer after being applied which does a great job in preventing rust and corrosion. Similar to Gun medic, it is also made up of bio-based ingredients which means it is safe to your health and safe for the environment, it’s so safe that gloves aren’t required when applying the gun spray.