Juvederm Manufacturing

Juvederm Manufacturing and FDA testing

Juvederm is an well-known injectable filler used by dermatologists and cosmetic surgeons as well as by plastic surgeons too for softening deep folds and reducing wrinkles on the face. The gel contains hyaluronic acid that is a substance naturally present in the skin, muscles and tendons of other mammals. It was approved in June 2006 by U.S. Food and drug administration for using on patients but they suggest to buy from approved stores like hyaldirect.com.

The prime initiative of Juvederm is to remove nasolabial folds from the patient’s skin or smile lines that are creases that appear on skin. It can also be used for augmentation of lips and to fill the hollow places and scars on the face. But please take this in your mind that all HA fillers are absorbed by the human body in 6 – 12 months which means that patients will need a treatment again after this period.

Juvederm also has same issues and is used by physicians for plumping lips which have lose the natural plump due to aging and for also reshaping the sagged areas because of aging. Nowadays there are many suppliers who distribute poor quality fillers, this is a big cause of side-effects after treatment. Please ensure that you buy juvederm from a trusted distributor.

The Making Of Juvederm

Juvederm is developed by Allergan Health Care. They are a specialized company in manufacturing cosmetic products. Juvederm is an injectable dermal filler used for plumping tissues and to iron out the wrinkles and folds from the skin. Allergan is actually a pharmacy in Los Angeles that is initiated by Mr. Gavin Herbert. He produce nasal drops, and now it has become a global health care company in over 100 countries. It was his idea to manufacture a filler with HA to rejuvenate skin and it worked great. As told before it worked as a great substitute of Zyplast and later completely out-ranked it from the market. The results can last up to 12 months.

FDA Testing

Before the release in U.S. markets, Juvederm was a tough competitor of Zyplast which is also a dermal filler. But Zyplast was a bovine based injectable facial filler that is made from collagen. There were several clinical studies made by FDA in medical centers to evaluate the safety of patients and efficiency of both fillers. 146 patients were treated in 24 weeks and without a doubt, Juvederm was all the way better the Zyplast.

Before FDA approval there were also two studies does on Juvederm on 293 patients in United States, the safety and effectiveness results were same as before.


In 1934, two medical researches John Palmer and Karl Meyer, scientists in the Columbia University in New York made a discovery that one of the basic objectives of HA is to preserve the skin and maintain the volume and hydration of the skin along with other maintenance functions of the body. Meyer and Palmer decided to isolate the substance from the eye of a cow for their test and then named in Hyaluronic acid by combining a Greek word of glass, “hyalos”.

They also added uronic sugar contained in the HA. HA was later also used in the baking and food industry in the 1940s to by the end of 1990s and found its way to the medical field for use in joint pain as well as treating wounds. It was also used for eye surgeries and at-last in 1996 it was also used for augmentation of facial tissues in Europe.

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